Finally She’s home! Welcome home Robbin the RoadMASTER*** (not roadster as previously posted)!

She is beautiful. She needs a new bell, I need a bike lock and helmet. She may need some shiny white mudguards and a paint job (but only to look REALLY flash)! There is not a lot of rust at all, hardly ANY, but there are a few of scratches and her original condition paint job is naturally fading, wearing and tearing from age.

I prefer the real vintage rather than the vintage style, she has character…

Our adventures soon to come…

***Lastly… I’m having thoughts of a name change… I do like Robbin the Roadmaster but when I saw Ladybird was her more prominent marking… I started thinking Lucinda (aka Lucy) the Ladybird might be more appropriate.

Forget about wanting to buy a new white bike seat… WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY NEXT POST! BUH! AMAZING!